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Over the last 10 years, we have completed many projects and developed a solid working knowledge in many sectors of the industry. Successful projects based on harmony, pleasure at work, understanding the problems and challenges specific to each, especially for the creation of offices, allowed us to become experts in the design of workspaces.

Here are a few projects we completed in the greater Montreal area :


Office space redesign

Company: Amaris

360 St-Jacques West, Montreal, QC.

Amaris is an international management and technology consulting group founded in 2007. In 2016, Amaris reached 140 million euros in turnover and 2,650 employees. In 2017, they were 3,650 employees. With this meteoric growth and offices in several major international cities, their Montreal workspaces were now too small.

Lib. was therefore commissioned to deliver a turnkey project including design, permit application and construction to help this large company open a new office of 4,500sf as soon as possible.

Finally, the online management platform offered by Lib. has allowed the various Amaris stakeholders to collaborate from all over the world, at any time of the day or night. This beautiful project, delivered more than a week in advance did not include any modification rider (no "extra") throughout the project.

Lib. is very proud, in its own way, to have been able to contribute to the great growth of Amaris in the world.

* Professional photos to come

Construction duration : 7 weeks

Project year : 2018


Workspace design 

Company: HPDG

405 Ogilvy, Montreal, QC.

Following the merger of HPDG and Eximmo, two well-established property valuation and management firms, the need for a new workspace for both teams became a priority.


Lib., In collaboration with the firm Trafic Design, achieved a total space of 8,000 square feet divided mainly in two places. A first, approximately 6,500 square feet, for the development of open-plan workstations, conference rooms and some closed offices. Another space, approximately 1,500 square feet, has been set up in a nearby location as a collaborative area, cafeteria and storage zone. This separation of space not only allows individuals to have a place dedicated to collaboration, more noisy and without distracting the rest of the team, while allowing them a short walk to move from place to place.



(Interesting article about this subject from La Presse: Marcher en travaillant est bon pour la santé et la productivité)

Construction duration : 9 weeks

Project year : 2019


Collaborative common space

Company: Alexandria Real Estate

275 Armand-Frappier, Laval, QC.

The 275 Armand-Frappier, in Laval, is the former headquarters of the Canadian flagship Biochem Pharma. Following the acquisition of the latter by Shire Pharmaceuticals in 2012, there was a change of vocation for the building that had been designed for this unique user. Now owned by the American real estate fund Alexandria Real Estate, this beautiful building surrounded by woodland now hosts several different tenants.


Thus, the large central kitchen of employees of Biochem Pharma was no longer really useful. Lib. was given the mandate to define the complete design of this new space with a mandate to make it a common place for all users of the building that could attract new tenants. This approximately 2,750 square feet indoor space and approximately 1,000 square feet outdoor terrace facing the woodland has become a multi-purpose room. Allowing people to come and have fun in the playroom, eat their lunch on the many tables, make small informal meetings and even hold larger gatherings, like cocktail parties, this room has become an important selling point to help CBRE, the owner's broker, find new occupants.

(Rental PDF file of the building from CBRE : 275 Armand-Frappier)

Construction duration : 10 weeks

Project year : 2018


Office design at Place Ville-Marie

Organisation: AmpMe

4 Ville-Marie Place, Montreal, QC.

Following the rapid success of their mobile application, the start-up AmpMe has managed to obtain the necessary funds to stop working only in telecommute mode and, finally, to have an office space designed to reflect their vision and culture.


This new 4,500-square-feet space was designed to bring the entire team to the same place and foster collaboration, while allowing many programmers to stay focused when the time comes.


The company turned to Lib's expertise, as well as that of architect Geneviève Bégin's.


A balance between work, rest and entertainment spaces has been developed to maximize employee engagement and productivity. A good example of space optimization was the layout of a table that can be transformed into a ping pong table in one of the conference rooms.

Construction duration : 10 weeks

Project year : 2017


Incubator office design

Organization : TandemLaunch

780 Brewster Street, Montreal, QC.

TandemLaunch has relied on Lib's expertise for the development of its offices in the Saint-Henri district. The company has been equipped with closed offices and open offices, in addition to conference rooms and a kitchen area.


The space, initially about 8,000 square feet, laid out in 2014, and then expanded by an additional 3,000 square feet in 2017, is located on the ground floor of an old industrial building. A Muraflex glass partition system was used.


The contemporary aspect of the partitions and the furniture is used in contrast to highlight the historical value of the building. The natural hues of the stone walls are enhanced by touches of bright colors.

Construction duration : 12 weeks

Project year : 2014 and 2017 (8,000 sf + 3,000 sf)


Start-up workspace design

Startup : Wajam

4115 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC.

In setting up its new offices on Plateau Mont-Royal, start-up Wajam needed closed offices and open offices, in addition to conference rooms and a kitchen area. Custom furniture has been designed to furnish the 8,000 square feet space.


The company turned to Lib's expertise, as well as that of architect Geneviève Bégin's. An exploding and eclectic design was prized: contrasting materials and colors, adjacent work areas and play areas.


The finished product is reminiscent of Silicon Valley genius boxes. The result is a workspace that stimulates creativity and cooperation.

Construction duration : 10 weeks

Project year : 2013

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