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About us.


Lib. is the natural evolution of La Barre Construction, founded in 2009 by Marc-André La Barre, BAA. With nearly 20 years of experience in business management and 10 years in construction, we have capitalized on our combined know-how in strategy, design and project implementation, to 100% focus on development of workspaces that unlock the potential of organizations.


Because we are passionate about our mission to unleash the potential of organizations through the design of workspaces. Because to achieve this mission, we must collaborate on a daily basis with open, creative, passionate and confident human beings who understand that the success of their organization is directly proportional to the well-being of the people who live there.


We offer a turnkey service to companies in the greater Montreal area who want office spaces that increase the attraction, commitment and productivity of their talents.


We regularly collaborate with human resources specialists, occupational therapists, engineers, architects and interior designers. We also have our own team of project managers, site superintendents and skilled tradespeople to achieve, from start to finish, office development projects that allow our customers to unleash the potential of their organization.

The rules we live by.



We believe that it is the feeling of freedom in human beings that makes them happy, accomplished and engaged. In fact, this freedom, which necessarily implies trust, helps to establish a harmonious relationship between all parties involved in a project: client, building, environment, professionals and contractors. It is this deep desire to deliver projects in harmony that has pushed us over time to integrate more and more services.


It is important to have fun and feel free in the accomplishment of our work. To do this, we strongly believe in the importance of establishing an environment for all that fosters trust rather than mistrust. In return, the respect of our promises and the reliability are elements on which no compromise is made. Reliability is necessary to maintain harmony, freedom and durability.



Freedom and harmony is beautiful, but it's important that it lasts. This is why our decisions and actions are always guided by the importance of ensuring the sustainability of not only our organization but also that of our customers, our partners and our environment. The common good of our organizations and the environment must always take precedence over the individual good. As the old saying goes: "Our personal freedom stops where others start".

You think we would have fun together? 

We would really like to contribute to the sustainability of your organization. Contact us now and we will be happy to have a coffee with you. Cheers!


Licenses, accreditations and insurance.

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In less than an hour, we will be able to answer all of your questions and talk to you about the latest trends in workspace design. In addition, we will ask you all the right questions regarding your project, which will help us quickly get back to you with a complete preliminary budget.

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